Zinke is the man for the job

Right now Montanans are facing crises that we haven’t seen in generations. If we are going to pull ourselves out of this and set America back on track we need the most qualified and reliable voices representing us in Washington. This is why I am supporting former Secretary Ryan Zinke for Montana’s new congressional district. Ryan Zinke’s experience as congressman, secretary of the interior, and as a Navy SEAL make him uniquely qualified to lead in congress.

As Montana’s at-large congressman, Ryan Zinke fought for full and permanent funding to the LWCF, introduced legislation to curb frivolous litigation against timber harvesting, and voted to extend tax credits to farmers and ranchers. As interior secretary, he opened the CMR Refuge for emergency grazing after a wildfire, wrote the legislation to rebuild national parks infrastructure that would become the Great American Outdoors Act, and moved the BLM out of D.C. and back to the West.

With a new congressional seat Montanans have the opportunity to have double the voices supporting their interests in congress. That means we need proven, qualified, fighters and Ryan Zinke has shown from a lifetime of service that he is the man for the job.

Randyn Gregg

White Sulphur Springs

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