We can return to Trump pro-growth policies

In a Tweet before July 4th, the White House proudly announced some supposedly exciting news: “The cost of a 4th of July Cookout in 2021 is Down $0.16 from Last Year.” Sixteen whole cents. They claim reduced costs for vanilla ice cream, potato chips, and a can of beans. While it’s wonderful that President Biden gave the American people his permission to gather with their friends and family for backyard barbecues, I am still struck by just how out of touch that “announcement” was.

We are facing historic inflation and the rate of consumer prices increases have hit a 13-year high. Costs of everything from building supplies and energy to groceries and home products have gone up since last year – and not just by a little. Under President Biden, Montanans are paying more:

  • 45% more for used vehicles
  • 45% more for gasoline
  • 2.5% more for food

Expert economists expect the inflation to continue and get even higher. And to make matters worse, they warn that more government spending and stimulus that is being promised by the Democrats in Washington will prolong the crisis.

Even CNN had to admit that things are looking rough for the average American, posting an article online with the title “Every aspect of American life is getting more expensive.” One of the major culprits behind rising prices is the Biden-Pelosi economic agenda of spend, spend, spend, and regulate the private sector into oblivion.

With trillions of dollars of spending already rubberstamped by Washington this year, and trillions more in the works, the Biden-Pelosi administration is leading us into an economic storm. Just last week, they announced a new, partisan $3.5 trillion budget plan that would accompany a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. That’s almost $5 trillion with no actual plan to pay for it.