Russia, China aggression could lead to a ‘shift’ in the global power, former US interior secretary warns

Former U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke joined “Mornings with Maria” Monday to voice concerns over Russia and China‘s rising aggression in the East, arguing the two countries could “shift the global power structure” of the continent if they move in Ukraine and Taiwan.

RYAN ZINKE: Look at the source, you know, it’s no surprise our allies don’t trust us after Afghanistan. We don’t trust the Biden administration. So what you’re seeing is a NATO that is not aligned, but it has far-reaching implications across the globe. We’re looking at two authoritarian governments, Russia and China, who both have territorial aspirations. And I think after the Olympics, it’s a probability that Russia moves to tighten up and secure a corridor to Crimea. And China is likely to move on Taiwan, and it will shift the global power structure of the continent. Europe, certainly. And in the Pacific.


you’re seeing authoritarian governments across the globe take advantage of this point in time where America is perceived as weak. We already took military action off the table in Ukraine. I’m not advocating for a military operation, but that’s not even an option. And Ratcliffe is exactly right. You know, we’re not putting the sophistication of equipment in place to counter any strike from Russia, and Russia sees it.