On the Trail With Z: April 29, 2022

Watch: Ryan Zinke Joins Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends

This week, Ryan joined Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends to talk about Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. In his time as a US Navy SEAL and as a Commander in SEAL Team Six, Ryan knows that the only way to negotiate with the Russians is through strength, and right now strong leadership is lacking in DC. Ronald Reagan believed in “Peace through Strength” and the key to promoting strength abroad is independence and trust from our allies. As Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke weaned the US off of foreign oil and made America energy independent for the first time in almost a century. Now, foreign leaders won’t even pick up the phone when Joe Biden calls. This is why it is so important that we send strong leaders like Ryan Zinke to Washington in 2022.

Ryan on the Road: Polson and Missoula

This week Ryan had the chance to meet with the good people of Lake County to discuss energy independence, Federal and Tribal relations, and bringing real leadership back to Washington.

Team Zinke would also like to give a big thank you to Vondene Kopetski and the Missoula County GOP for putting on a fantastic Lincoln – Reagan Day dinner in Missoula! A great event with a great crowd!

More Signs are Going Up!

Across the district, more and more Montanans are showing their support for Ryan Zinke! If you have a great spot for a sign email [email protected]!

In the Press

The Ravalli Republic: Zinke will fight for the unborn

“Here’s the truth, Ryan Zinke is the only candidate who has fought to protect the unborn in the state legislature, in Congress, and in the Executive Branch and is the only choice to represent Montana’s values in Washington.”

The Missoulian: Letter to the editor: Zinke will fight for Montana

“How do we know that Ryan Zinke will deliver for Montana? Because he has the track record as Secretary of the Interior and as Montana’s at-large congressman to prove it.”