On the Trail With Z: April 15, 2022

Watch: Ryan Zinke Describes What He is Most Proud of From His Time As Secretary of the Interior.

From protecting sportsmen’s rights to hunt and fish on public land to making America energy independent, the most important achievement for Ryan Zinke has always been representing the values and ideals of Montana.

Biden Goes for Broke on Gun Control

Just when it seemed Joe Biden couldn’t move any further to the left, he doubles down and goes for broke. Earlier this week, Joe Biden announced his intention to impose more sweeping regulations on law-abiding gun owners such as banning “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines. This is why it is so important that we send committed conservatives like Ryan Zinke to Congress and take back the House.

Ryan Zinke has spent his entire career defending the Second Amendment and our rights as Americans. On his first day as Secretary of the Interior, he overturned the Obama-era ban on lead ammunition on US Fish & Wildlife land and fought to expand access for hunters and fishermen on public land. The Montana way of life would not be possible without the constitutional freedoms such as the Second Amendment that allows Montanans to be self-reliant and prosperous.

Endorsement Alert!

More and more patriotic Americans are endorsing Ryan Zinke as Montana’s new Congressman every day. This week, Senator Marsha Blackburn endorsed Ryan Zinke stating “Ryan Zinke is a proven fighter for America and American family values, and we need him in the House to fire Pelosi and slam the brakes on Biden’s radical build back broke agenda. I’m proud to endorse him for Congress.”

Ryan on the Road!

Yesterday, Team Zinke was on the road and bound for Bozeman to support the Montana Firefighter Fund! With fire season around the corner, supporting Montana’s wildland firefighters is priority number one!

In The Press

Montana Standard: Ryan Zinke: To protect our parks, invest in infrastructure, don’t limit public access

Going forward, policymakers in D.C. must protect our parks as well as our public access in order to ensure the experience that future generations deserve. But that can only happen with proper management rather than neglect or radical policies that rely on limiting public access. As your Congressman, I have and always will subscribe to Roosevelt’s American Conservation Ethic. Anything less is just wishful thinking and puts at risk Montana’s special wild places, watersheds, and our way of life.”