Navy Seal Ryan Zinke ‘Biden has Removed U.S. as a Superpower’

Former Congressman, Interior Secretary and current Congressional candidate Ryan Zinke spoke to KGVO News on Monday afternoon as he was on the road campaigning.

Zinke is a former Navy Seal Team Six Commander and weighed in on the current situation in the Ukraine between Russia and the United States.

“This is what happens when you have an administration that is perceived as being weak,” began Zinke. “And with Ukraine, you not only have Russia and Ukraine, but also there’s an indicator that reflects on China and Taiwan, and right out of the box, the Biden administration says we’re not going to use the military.”

Zinke hearkened back to the days of President John F. Kennedy when the United States acted from a position of strength.

“Okay, so far we’ve deviated from John F. Kennedy, who said ‘we would have paid any price and endured any hardship to ensure the success of liberty’,” he said. “I think it stems from Afghanistan when we showed weakness, and in fact, we abandoned our citizens. We abandoned our allies. We abandoned our principles. And now fast forward into Ukraine. This administration has created a box where we’re now our options are limited.”

Zinke said he believes that thanks to the Biden administration’s actions, our allies can no longer trust the United States.

Why would Russia and China act in concert together?” he asked. “Those are two out of the three superpowers, and the Biden administration may now have the legacy of removing the United States as a superpower. And how did we get there? We got there by showing weakness in retreat, rather than strength and resolve.”

Zinke had more harsh words for the Biden Administration for its overall foreign policy.

“It started the communiqué through the State Department that once again, they’re going to abandon our citizens,” he said. “We have the military capacity to remove our citizens from Ukraine. But the administration’s advice is ‘well, take a commercial flight out. In Afghanistan looking back not too long ago, the State Department not only didn’t bring our civilians out, they were actually impeding bringing our civilians out by a third party country. So we have a State Department that does not defend our own citizens overseas.”

Zinke is running for Congress again, this time as a Republican seeking the new western district seat that Montana now has after the 2020 census.

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