Letter to the editor: Zinke will lead with women, not against


I share a favorite photograph capturing why I am voting for Ryan Zinke. Montana will be well served by Zinke. Ryan visited my office to support me in a local race over my opponent, a male incumbent.

His wife Lola, a highly educated lawyer and self-sufficient woman, accompanied him. I figured she had the tougher job greeting strangers as a private non-candidate. Even so, she was engaging. So was Ryan. He assured us democracy was not dead. Americans will come together for the greater good. No grousing. As we all mingled, this photo captured in Ryan what I value — he leans into the woman he loves. He looks at her in the middle of a crowd and she engages him with mutual respect. She matters. Importantly, I am convinced that other women matter to Ryan Zinke too. I asked Ryan to oppose an absolute ban on abortion. Ryan agreed and committed that he is not aligned with those who seek a total ban on abortion. While neither of us think abortion is OK, criminalizing it absolutely is too harsh. Thank you, Ryan Zinke, for respecting the complexities of tough issue. Ryan Zinke will lead with women, not against.

Joan Mell,


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