Letter to the editor: Zinke understands preserving personal liberty

The Missoulian

Brian Schweitzer oozes contempt for his fellow citizens. To him everyone who dedicated their lives to defending our country is just a closet socialist.

Democrats hate the term socialist because it exposes their authoritarian goals. In the 20th century, the effort to obtain those goals led to the murder of millions at the hands of their government. Veterans like myself and Ryan Zinke joined the military of a nation that, regardless of party, understood the need to preserve personal liberty and constrain the vice of collectivism and pursuit of absolute power so many in government seek to obtain. We took the oath to defend the Constitution and serve a government that, at one time, knew it needed our rough hands if it was to preserve the God-given individual rights of humanity.

Brian Schweitzer…not so much. He mocks those he believes are beneath him. He claims, “Hey, actually we’re all socialists!” Does he mean Lenin-Stalinist Communism? Pol Pot? Mao? Hitler’s National Socialism? Or does he represent the new BLM/ANTIFA Democratic Party version?

The collectivists are always just one assassination away from utopia. I think I’ll keep my freedom instead. This veteran will be voting for Ryan Zinke.

Tracy Sharp,


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