Letter to the Editor: A plea to Libertarian voters

Ravalli Republic

I ask for those who may be considering voting for the Libertarian candidate John Lamb to consider the effect of a vote for a third party. Any one believing in the Constitution will surely harbor a dissenting opinion. I humbly ask that you lend me an ear.

I am sure that you agree that we need a strong southern border, a combat capable military, well trained and effective police, a balanced national budget, actual forest management, freedom of speech to include argument, schools teaching the basics of reading writing arithmetic and civics. This list could easily fill a page. Hey neighbor, i’m a Republican and want the same things!

The election for the new House of Representatives seat is critical to control of the Congress. Candidate Ryan Zinke may not be your choice; but he is the best choice with chance to win. We must win as the Democratic candidate will assuredly be against everything in my list above! I ask you, aren’t the differences between the Republicans and the Libertarians one of degree?

The percentage of Libertarian votes will enhance the chance of a Democratic victory. Are the internal issues between us so important that we loose it all? Politics has been said to be the art of the possible. A second description is the choice of evils. No party is perfect. Some are just thought to be better than others. I remember when a split in conservative ranks over candidate Ross Perot gave us President Clinton.

The Sunday, Oct. 23, Missoulian ran a great description of candidate John Lamb. You should be proud. But look out, as this is a chocolate cover on a poison pill. They want a Democrat to win and have written in a manner to encourage the continued split in conservative ranks. We must unite! We can argue like heck after we win and have some power. It’s all about power. Unfortunately, A protest vote is in effect a vote for the opponent.

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