KGVO: Candidate Ryan Zinke on Ukraine, Energy, Cancel Culture, and Trump


Republican Congressional candidate Ryan Zinke dropped by the KGVO studios on Friday morning to address several subjects germane to the coming election, the first being Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Zinke referenced his military experience as a Seal Team Six Commander in the U.S. Navy as he profiled Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.

“Ukraine is not Pakistan, it’s not Russia or it’s not China,” began Zinke. “Ukraine, relatively speaking, should have been a relatively easy military target however the resistance from the Ukrainian freedom fighters has been stiff and it has exposed a weakness in the in the (Russian) bear. The bear is not as big as what was being touted.”

Zinke looked back at his time as Secretary of the Interior under President Trump and touted the energy sector, as compared to how it is under President Biden.

“When I first came in as Secretary were (pumping) 8.3 million barrels a day and declining,” he said. “In two years we were 12.5 million barrels a day, the world’s largest exporter of energy and not just fossil fuels. Across the board, we were exporting all the above because to make energy in this country, I can tell you environmentally as a lot better than watch it get produced overseas with no regulation and, at the time, gas was two bucks a gallon.”

Zinke was asked about how he would fight the federal government’s efforts to control the actions of Americans.

“The government shouldn’t be in a role of telling an individual what he can or cannot do,” he said. “Vaccinations are a perfect example of that. If you didn’t march in line like a little communist, and you even dared to raise your hand and asked about the efficacy of natural immunity, or is this booster effective on the newest variant. If you asked a question, you were shamed or cancelled. Sometimes your livelihood would be in jeopardy, you could lose your license in the cases of some of our physicians and nurse practitioners.”

Zinke proudly named those public figures who have endorsed his candidacy for the U.S. House.

“I’m endorsed by President Trump,” he said. “I’m endorsed by Senator Danes. I’m endorsed by Greg Gianforte, the governor. I have an A plus rating in the NRA and 100% rating for Right to Life. So as far as Montana issues go, I feel like I’m pretty good there. There’s a there’s too much anger in this country. And look, we need to solve these issues as Americans and put the interests of Americans first.”

According to Ballotpedia, Zinke’s opponents in the Republican Congressional primary are Dr. Al Olszewski, Mitch Heuer, Matt Jette, Allen McKibben, and Mary Todd.

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