Border Security

It’s the basic Constitutional Duty of the federal government to secure the border. Currently, there is no southwest border, it’s completely open. Under the Biden-Pelosi Administration, more than two million illegal aliens have been apprehended at the southern border and migrant border arrests have surged to the highest level in 21 years. This stresses local communities, strains resources and tax dollars, and creates a massive security threat.

The threats are many: Deadly drugs like fentanyl are shipped from China to Mexico and make their way into our country by drug cartels. Criminals and possibly terrorists fly to Central America and hire coyotes and smugglers to enter our country illegally. The public health threat of a million unvaccinated individuals flooding our border is causing COVID outbreaks in American towns and putting Americans at greater risk. Illegal weapons are smuggled by gang and cartel members and rain violence on our cities and against law enforcement.

Congress must take action to:

  • Finish the wall
  • Fully fund and implement MPP
  • Fully fund and support Border Patrol and ICE
  • Designate cartels as foreign terrorist organizations
  • Uphold third country asylum agreements signed with Central American countries to solve the regional migration problem
  • Require any foreign arrivals to produce a negative COVID test and proof of full vaccination
  • Seek and deport those who miss hearing dates or are convicted of crime
  • Fine/defund sanctuary cities