In Montana, Ryan Zinke stages a political comeback

KALISPELL, Montana — Ryan Zinke says Kabul is now in danger of becoming a new killing field.

“President Biden’s ineptitude has enabled the Taliban the capacity to shut down the small Kabul airport and hold hostage or slaughter every troop and citizen,” said Zinke.

The former Navy SEAL said he has long favored withdrawal from Afghanistan, but not the way it was done by the Biden administration.

The former Republican Montana congressman, who is now running for a yet-to-be-created new congressional seat in his home state, said his deepest concern for those Americans currently left behind in Afghanistan is that anyone who is sheltering in place is just waiting to be killed.

Montana lost a congressional seat decades ago, leaving the state represented by one member in Congress for over 30 years; partisans on both sides of the aisle once despaired that the state would ever regain the second one. But that all changed when the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau from the 2020 count showed a nearly 10% increase in population. This gave Montana the 434th seat in the coming Congress.