Letter to the editor: Zinke loves our country

Daily Inter Lake

Vote for Ryan Zinke for U.S. House. Ryan is a Montana boy and a patriot through and through. Ryan grew up in Whitefish and graduated from Whitefish High in 1980. I graduated from Flathead High in 1979 and did not know Ryan at that time, but my mother did.

My mother taught at the Whitefish Junior High for 15 years (1969-1984). She told me that Ryan was one of her favorite students. When Ryan first ran for Montana House, my mother told me that in the 1970s one of the fun activities they taught at the Whitefish Junior High was a mock legislature. She told me Ryan was one of the stars of that mock legislature. Ryan participated with such passion that she wasn’t surprised that he ran and won the race for his first term in the U.S. House. Even at that young age in the 1970s, my mom told me that Ryan had a deep love for our country.

My mother was also proud of Ryan for his success as a Navy SEAL. She said she was not surprised that Ryan was so successful in his life because of his passion and ability to work hard for what he believed in and his love for our country. Prior to my mother passing away a few years ago, we ran into Ryan at the Kalispell Center Mall and Ryan gave her a big hug. They had a short chat about those good old days in the 1970s when she taught Ryan and there was such love for this great country.

Ryan loves this country and will make Montana proud in the U.S. House. Ryan will always protect and defend our constitution. Please join me in voting for Ryan Zinke for the U.S. House in the general election.

Jeff H. Larsen,


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