Team Zinke Weekly Roundup: Zinke wins debate, Small Business owners make their endorsement, and Monica Tranel loses her cool

Debate Time

On Saturday night, Ryan shined in this election’s only televised debate, hosted by MTN in Bozeman. Radical environmental lawyer Monica Tranel repeatedly lied to viewers, dodged questions, interrupted Ryan, and tried to distance herself from her radical positions and her lack of a plan to address tough issues. In one case, after Tranel denied there was a crisis at the southwest border, the moderators reminded the audience that individuals on the terrorist watch list have come across our non-existent border. In case you missed it, click here 

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Small Business Owners Endorse Zinke

Friday at Lockhorn Hard Cider in Bozeman, Ryan hosted a roundtable discussion with local small businesses owners on the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses. Driving the conversation were concerns about regulatory uncertainty, higher taxes, supply chain and workforce management. The Montana Federation of Independent Businesses announced their endorsement on Friday as well.

Once elected, Ryan will continue to fight to rein in runaway spending and slash regulations so that Montana small businesses – who make up 99% of all businesses in Montana – can thrive. Read about the event in the Bozeman Chronicle.

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(Photo Courtesy: Bozeman Daily Chronicle)

Watch our new ad 

This is the ad Monica Tranel does not want you to see. In 2011, as a private, for-hire attorney, Monica Tranel took the appeal of Robert Riggs, a convicted serial child rapist. Riggs was convicted by a jury several years prior of incest, rape, and sexual assault on four little girls between ages 10 and 13.  Tranel attempted to have Riggs’ conviction thrown out and have him released back onto the street. The judge called a “menace” who had committed “sexual offenses against helpless little girls.”

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle: “‘As I understand it, when you go to prison for a crime like this you become a marked man, and that’s what I’d like to see,’ one father said. ‘I’m sick and tired of being scared. He needs to be put away for good,’ said the mother of one of the girls.”

Tranel’s team sent a threatening letter to Montana TV stations demanding they take it down or she will take legal action. Go figure, a radical environmental lawyer weaponizing her law degree against Montanans.

Click here to watch:

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And click here if you want to see how Monica Tranel fails to respond to questions about defending this monster. We’re sure you join us in wishing this monster to rot in jail.

Flathead County – Get your tickets!

Join us Saturday night in Kalispell for the Flathead County Lincoln, Reagan, Trump dinner. I’m excited to announce that two of my friends and former colleagues are headlining: Trump’s Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf and Freedom Caucus founding member, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert. You don’t want to miss this!

Get your tickets here. 

Ryan on the road

In Amsterdam, Ryan and Lola had a delicious breakfast and great conversation at the Amsterdam Volunteer Firefighters annual pancake breakfast.

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In Billings, Ryan caught up with county commissioners from across the state at the Montana Association of Counties banquet.

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Last weekend in Missoula, Ryan walked in the UM Homecoming Parade – the first in 2 years. Go griz!

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In Case You Missed It:

Monica got caught lying to voters. Again. Click here to read.

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Picture of the Week:

On the road to Bozeman this week we stopped at a great coffee shop in Cardwell. Our pup Ragnar knew exactly what he wanted!

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