On the Trail with Z: September 15, 2022

Ryan Zinke tackles the Department of Miseducation, Inflation and pays respects to our Benghazi Heroes
This week Ryan Zinke announced his plan on fixing the broken K-12 education system and it starts with protecting the parents and affirming parental rights in the classroom. In his new column in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Ryan points out that much of the issue of education lies within state and local hands, but there are things congress can do to ensure children are educated not indoctrinated and that includes: 
  • National School choice so the funding follows the student regardless of the venue where they receive their education. 
  • Dismantle the Department of Education and replace it with a downsized office under the Office of Management and Budget. The original intent of the department might have been noble but now it is a bureaucratic nightmare that has strayed too far from constitutional authorities. 
  • Any school that receives federal funding should be required to adhere to a Parents’ Bill of Rights, where all parents have the right to see on-demand the assignments, reading material, lesson plans and even observe classes. 
  • Teachers need resources. The vast majority of teachers want to teach free from forced woke agendas, politics, and checking identity boxes. 
At the end of the day – we should have a right to what our children learn and Ryan Zinke plans on fighting for that right. 
You can read the full column here.
Inflation the Worst It’s Been in Half a Century!
In case you missed it – Ryan was spitting truths this week on Twitter as he broke down just how high inflation has been. The Biden White House is in full on spin mode trying to gaslight the American People into thinking the economy is great, inflation is down, and electric vehicles run on pixie dust. Anyone who bought groceries recently or filled up their truck knows that’s all a bunch of lies. They celebrated the so-called Inflation Reduction Act on the White House lawn the same day it was announced that inflation increased! Now is the time to get a Republican back in office!
Ryan on the Road
– This week we kicked things off in Libby, MT at Clash of the Carvers! The international chainsaw competition.  Ryan got to see some incredible artistry by carvers from the USA and around the world. Logging is in the blood in Libby, Montana and it’s about time the government lets them harvest again! 
– Next stop, Kalispell, MT! Where Ryan stopped by the Kalispell Gun Show. Ryan loved seeing so many patriots fired up and ready to support our constitutional right to bear arms! 
– In Ronan, MT Ryan got the opportunity to speak to the Lake County GOP and get them fired up to Save America. Ryan always loves visiting Lake County folks and hearing directly from them. 
– And in Bigfork, MT Ryan was honored to join the 9/11 Honor & Serve Foundation alongside fellow SEAL Jimmy Graham in paying homage to the four Americans who lost their lives in the Benghazi Terrorist attack. Ryan was a personal friend to Navy SEAL Ty Woods who was one of those American heroes. They served as SEAL instructors together and his memory will never be forgotten.
Upcoming Events
Saturday, September 17th:
– 11am: Les Schwab Car Show in Ronan, MT
– 12pm: The Harvest Festival in Ronan, MT
– 5:30pm: The Northwest Montana Ducks Unlimited Banquet in Kalispell, MT

Calling all Volunteers! We need you to fight back against the corrupt media!

Team Zinke is out knocking doors, making calls, writing letters to your local paper, and putting up signs! But we need your help! If you would like to volunteer follow this link, reply to this email, or come visit one of the GOP field offices listed below!

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