On the Trail with Z: August 23, 2022

Ryan Zinke strikes FEAR into the DC swamp with the “Federal Employee Accountability and Reduction Act”

This week, Ryan Zinke announced his first legislation: the Federal Employee Accountability and Reduction Act, a ten point plan to confront the entrenched bureaucracy of the DC swamp.

Ryan Zinke knows firsthand how powerful the DC Swamp can be. As Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke was able to relocate parts of BLM out of DC and back to the areas that they actually manage. He proposed a budget which would cut wasteful spending and eliminate 4,000 federal employees from the Department of the Interior. Washington DC needs accountability and Ryan Zinke has the plan to bring it to them.


The ten point plan is as follows:

  1. Create a clear pathway to remove government employees for cause

  2. Cap the number of years a person can work for the federal government (non-military, non-law enforcement)

  3. Cap government salaries so no government employee, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, can make more than the President of the United States

  4. Eliminate preferred hiring practices for non-veteran government employees and eliminate expedited agency-to-agency hiring which allows managers to fill jobs with their unqualified friends

  5. Prevent political appointees from “burrowing in” to career government employee positions

  6. Require the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to electronically post salaries and titles of all political appointees every quarter

  7. Create a pathway to downsize the federal government through attrition, defunding, and repealing recent actions to expand the IRS and DOJ

  8. Create an automatic trigger law stripping current and former federal government employees of their benefits if they are convicted of violent or federal crimes or any crimes they are able to commit because of access to victims or information from their employment

  9. Require certain federal agencies to relocate out of the Washington, D.C. metro area and closer to the customers they serve

  10. Require the General Services Administration (GSA) to sell unused office buildings in certain oversaturated urban centers like Washington, DC, Denver and San Francisco


“I also know for a fact that the federal government is too big and unelected bureaucrats are too powerful. As a whole Washington, DC, is concerned with one thing above all else, how to keep its pet projects and special interest funding going. No more. This legislation would force the government to downsize via attrition and would defund and repeal recent expansions of the IRS, DOJ and other agencies.” – Ryan Zinke


Follow this link to read more about the FEAR Act

Ryan on the Road

In Bozeman Ryan Zinke was joined by candidate for Senate District 34 Shelley Vance at the Bozeman Stampede. They had the chance to talk with voters and experience the opening night of one of Montana’s best celebrations of cowboy culture.

In Butte, Ryan had the pleasure of speaking with Montana Women in Mining and the Montana Society of Mining Engineers to speak about balancing conservation and resource extraction and the massive role that American mining plays in making sure we have access to the critical minerals we rely on.

In Columbia Falls, Tom, Carol, Joel and JoAnn hosted a great neighborhood meet & greet. More and more Montanans are ready to take back the House and fire Nancy Pelosi!

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