On the Trail With Z: August 10, 2022

Yikes: Monica Tranel Shows she isn’t fit to lead at Missoula Candidate Forum and the Libertarian John Lamb doesn’t own a gun  

Monica Tranel showed her true colors this week at the Missoula City Club debate on Monday afternoon. Grabbing the microphone away from candidates, interrupting questions and responding angrily when her far left positions came to light, Monica Tranel showed that she isn’t fit to lead Montana. Many in the crowd were so surprised and uncomfortable by her behavior they turned away in disgust. During the forum, She stated proudly that she supports her client 350 Montana, a radical leftist group that advocates for defunding police and banning fossil fuels. She stood by her support for late term abortion and an assault weapons ban as well as Biden’s tax and spend so-called Inflation Reduction Act. 


Tranel also lost her cool when an audience member asked her about her support for an “assault weapons” ban and why she believes firearms companies should be sued if a criminal uses their product in a crime. Zinke proudly answered the question with, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” 


And on the other side of the stage, Libertarian candidate John Lamb answered the question by telling the audience he “does not own a gun” and his religion forbids violence.

Ryan Zinke: Monica Tranel’s Plan to Tax and Spend Increases Inflation

Check out the newest article by Ryan Zinke! Monica Tranel’s big government tax and spend policies will leave Montana footing the bill. Increased inflation, higher gas prices, and more regulations strangling businesses. Monica Tranel backs Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s Build Back Broke agenda and their radical environmentalist goals. The only way to stop them from remaking America in their image is to take back the House and send conservatives like Ryan Zinke to Washington to drain the Biden/Pelosi swamp.  


A passage from Ryan’s article: My opponent, Monica Tranel, a radical environmental lawyer who made millions off efforts to shut American oil and gas production, hike utility rates, and defending a convicted child molester, already supports it. She yelled her support at the crowd gathered for the debate last  Monday in Missoula, even though every credible economic analysis says it will kill jobs, increase health insurance premiums and raise taxes on nearly every Montanan.


Ryan on the Road

In Evergreen, Ryan joined the good people of Evergreen at the Shine n’ Show car show with his 1938 Cadillac! 

In Ronan, Team Zinke walked in the Ronan Pioneer Days parade! A big thank you to the good folks of Ronan for a great parade and the Lake County GOP for organizing a great float and a great post-parade BBQ!


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