Missoulian: Letter to the editor: Zinke will fight for Montana

The Missoulian

Ryan Zinke has the experience to make sure that Montana’s voice is heard in Congress.

How do we know that Ryan Zinke will deliver for Montana? Because he has the track record as Secretary of the Interior and as Montana’s at-large congressman to prove it.

Right now one of the most important issues facing Montanans is the record-high gas prices across the state. If we had continued on the path of energy dominance that Ryan Zinke put us on, America would not have to rely on foreign energy to keep the lights on.

As Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke wrote the plan that made America energy independent, expanded access to public land for hunting and fishing, and returned management of our public lands from D.C. bureaucrats to the communities who live there. He also wrote the legislation to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund and address the maintenance backlog in our National Parks.

Join me in supporting Ryan Zinke, a man who has spent his entire life fighting for this country and her values in Congress; who will continue to fight for Montana.

Linda Wolfe,


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