Letter to the Editor: Zinke and Tranel

The race for Montana’s new U.S. House seat is critical to the future of our country. I know both candidates and have worked directly with both of them. I served in the Montana Senate with Commander Zinke and was on the Montana Public Service Commission when Ms. Tranel worked as counsel for the Montana Consumer Council.

In my experience there is a big contrast between the two. I saw Cmdr. Zinke work hard to represent the people of Montana. As for Ms. Tranel, I saw her do nothing but advocate for the green energy movement.

I for one look at the candidates’ records and not the headlines. Ms. Tranel wants a dangerously rapid elimination of traditional energy sources, leaving us reliant on wind and solar. Cmdr. Zinke on the other hand has always advocated for a balanced energy mix, using natural resources to ensure a baseload of power while supplementing with renewables.

Developing all energy sources benefit Montana by keeping prices stable and our economy strong. Forcing the elimination of traditional energy sources would leave us short of needed supply, just as California and Arizona are now.

As you prepare to choose the individual that will represent Montana on the national stage, please consider which direction do you want our nation and our state to go.

A vote for Cmdr. Ryan Zinke will be a vote for lower inflation, a strong economy, higher wage jobs and a future for our families.

— Bob Lake, Hamilton

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