Let’s send Zinke back to Washington

Only one candidate running for the new “western” congressional district has the gravitas, background and bona fides to get things done in Washington, and it’s someone we’ve already sent there twice before: Ryan Zinke.

I’ve known Ryan for nearly a decade, and I’ve witnessed a man fully committed to doing what’s in the best interest of Montanans. Whether it was going to bat on behalf of our state’s veterans, protecting our public lands and keeping them in public hands (despite pressure from many in his party to do the opposite), or leading the charge to secure our southern border and stop the flow of illegal drugs into our country, Ryan’s first question was always “how can I help the Montanans I serve?”

He earned the distinction of becoming the first Montanan to EVER serve in a president’s cabinet, elevating the importance of our state in the nation’s capital.

Republicans will retake the majority in the House of Representatives this November. Sending an ineffective Democrat or backbench newcomer to Washington, when we have a candidate who knows how to deliver for Montana, would squander this precious opportunity. Let’s send Ryan Zinke back to Washington to continue the mission on our behalf.

Chris Averill

East Helena

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