Hunting and Fishing

Hunting is not only our heritage and birthright as Americans, it is also the most important tool we have to ensure healthy wildlife and habitat. American hunters and anglers are the backbone of the American model for conservation, generating over a billion dollars each year for conservation efforts. For more than 150 years, sportsmen and women have led efforts to protect and conserve our Nation’s fish and wildlife. This model has been repeated by dozens of countries across the globe for a simple reason: it works.

As Secretary of Interior, one of Ryan’s top priorities was expanding hunter access and education and removing many of the roadblocks the previous administrations built against hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts. Under his leadership, the Department of the Interior:

  • Expanded hunting and fishing access on millions of acres of public lands and waters.
  • Repealed the ban on lead shot and tackle
  • Established the Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council to expand access, education and awareness programs
  • Collaborated with states and private partners to establish the first big game migration corridors
  • Modernized the endangered species act
  • Eliminated the policy that barred BLM lands from being managed as shooting ranges
  • Restored the local voice in decision of how, when and where to hunt on federal lands

Ryan will continue to be a vocal supporter of our Second Amendment, hunting and fishing rights in Congress.